Holistic Heaven facial

What is Holistic Heaven facial?

An skin imaging, analysis and consultation plus a customised facial all in one.

Holistic Heaven facial gives you immediate results without the typical red face. The Holistic Facial might be the perfect fit!

A Holistic Hydra Facial is a non-invasive, natural facial that can be used for your face, neck, and chest. This painless treatment combines state-of-the-art spa treatments and medical technology to improve your skin health. In just 45 minutes, the treatment bathes and hydrates your skin, removing dead skin and impurities, and visibly refreshed skin.

Holistic Heaven facial includes:

  • Double cleanse
  • Deep exfoliation
  • Deep cellular scrub under steam
  • Extractions to remove congestion
  • tailored serum sealed with a clay mask
  • Traditional or pressure point scalp massage
  • Soothing hydration
  • Your choice of facial serum

Price Add-ons

Upgrade your Facial package for advanced results by adding:

Deluxe Epidermal Leveling ($60)

Also referred to as Dermaplaning or Blading, is an exfoliation procedure designed to smooth the appearance, reduce fine lines, and reduce acne scarring. The innovative technique carefully removes the top layers of the tissue, ridding the face of the dead skin and ‘peach fuzz’ that can trap in dirt and oils. The procedure will allow for new skin to appear, brightening the complexion.

Healing LED Light Therapy ($60)

LED light is a non surgical threatment that uses pure light to deliver precise wavelengths for promoting skin rejuvenation. This treatment will also improve skin texture and reduce breakouts that makes your Facial package more effective.

Diamond Microdermabrasion ($60)

At SBEC we mix Facial package with our Microdermabrasion treatment to provide more joyful and effective facial tailored to your skin types and concerns.

Sorcery Hydrodermabrasion ($60)

Hydrodermabrasion is one of the most beneficial and popular skin treatment utilises the natural healing powers of water and oxygen to effortlessly, and painlessly exfoliate the skin. Enjoy SBEC Sorcery

Hydrodermabrasion treatment and experience deeply hydrated, firmer, smoother, and healthier-looking skin to add to your natural beauty.

Treatment info

Recommended Add-ons

20 minutes Deluxe Epidermal Leveling $60
20 minutes Healing LED Light Therapy $60
30 minutes Diamond Microdermabrasion $60
30 minutes Sorcery Hydrodermabrasion $60